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New Submission 2/26/2015

I am a 35 year old Australian man and have been suffering from Peyronie’s Disease for 7 years. Like most sufferers I lost a lot of confidence and self esteem as a result of this horrible condition. I have tried treatment from Urologist, straightening devices, vitamin E and massage techniques with little success causing frustration and loss of hope. I stumbled across Straightagain.com about 3 months ago and purchased a 3 month course immediately.

The first 2 months showed little signs of success. The last month however has boosted my hopes dramatically and my curvature is improving, my erection is stronger and I have no pain! I believe if I continue to use this product I will experience continued improvment and ultimately a straighter stronger penis. This is by far the most success I have had in 7 years! I also suffer from “Dupuytren’s Contracture” in my left hand and this product has also relieved the contracture and seems to be disolving the scar tissue. Thank you Straightagain.com and lets keep working together to beat Peyronie’s disease!

-Chris C.
Queensland, Australia

“I was overseas doing military operations and suffered blunt force trauma to my lower region causing Peyronie’s Disease curvature that would not go away. With advice from one of your phone representatives, I ordered the complete package to try it our for a couple of months. To my surprise, my curvature with completely gone in a little over 6-weeks and even had left over product. I decided to keep this on hand for the future in case it ever comes back. I must say I was surprisingly pleased with how fast your product worked for me, and wanted to take the time to write in and thank you.”

-George R. Columbia, South Carolina


“I have had Peyronie’s as long as I can remember. It seems to have gotten worse recently possibly due to sexual activity. My MD sent me to a specialist, and this guy offered me no help! I tried a prescription pill and paired with Vitamin E. Tried this for six months. Nothing improved. I started researching on the web, and found your products. I am on month two, and my curvature has decreased significantly. Great stuff!”

-Roger K. Pittsburg, PA


“Not only has my curvature went completely away, I have regained full mobility of my hands. They used to lock up and not open or close at times. I believe that your products also treated my fibrosis in my hands and wrists…”

-John M, Lake Tahoe, Nevada


“My sex life has been pretty obsolete since I injured my penis during sexual intercourse. I am not only in pain, but the curve had gotten pretty extreme. I started taking your products (maybe more than I should) and started to see great improvements. I used the stretcher device, and this seemed to speed things up. I am close to a full recovery from this horrible ailment. Many thanks and Cheers to the creators of these formulas!

-Ben J. -Lebanon, Tenn.


“Thanks to your formulas, my Peyronie’s crap has cleared up! I was asked to submit my testimonial, so here it is. I started to notice curving inmy early 40’s. I think it was hereditary. My doctor was a jerk, and kept trying to get me to get injections or have the scar mass cut out. Sorry bud, not an option! I tried these as a last resort. Worked well, I no longer have pain or curving. Thank you!”

-Roger G. Jacksonville, FL


“I ordered some other pills like these online that made me feel sick. Your products gave me no side effects at all…”

-Matthew H. Athens, GA


“Wow, in just my first month I noticed decreased pain, pressure and curve. I know these products work, because nothing else has had any effect on me to date…”

-Walter L. -Sydney, Australia


“I was worried after my first 3 months and using your products that I didn’t see a huge change. My representative said because my condition was so extreme, it would take longer. I am almost done with month 4, and can say I finally have seen some great improvements…

-Marcus T. Houston, Texas Area


“If you are on the fence about these products, give them a go. They really do work and can honestly say I no longer deal with this bloody curving. Thanks to the good folks at Straight Again…”

-Bernard F. London, England


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