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Peyronie Treatments

New Peyronies Treatment

Treatment For Peyronie


•Dissolve Scar Tissue Safely & Straighten Curvature

Peyronie’s Disease disrupts the lives of more than 10% of men worldwide. The cause of this annoying ailment is typically from two possible reasons. One, from trauma during intercourse or other trauma to the area. Two, hereditary or genetic deformities. Until recently, there was no ingredients that properly addressed this scar tissue build-up, penile curvature causing situation.


Curved Penis, Bent Dick, Crooked Penis

•New Found Success In Testing Proves

Effective & Reliable Results Over Time

At Advanced Health Solutions™, have successfully formulated effective products to support penile scar tissue and curvature repair.

Our effective combination not only contains potent and proven peyronie’s plaque (scar tissue) dissolving enzymes, but we have included a proprietary blend of concentrated Peyronie’s correcting ingredient Acetyl-L-Carnitine, in its most purest and most possible potent form.

Read the study about this ingredient: Peyronie’s Disease test results referenced from the United States Library of Medicine about this ingredient for Peyronie’s Disease by Clicking Here



•Clinically Tested, Studied & Proven

Health Support Products

These combined formulas are best effective when used in our complete package for best results. It is a proven that high potency proteolytic, systemic and anti-fibrinolytic enzymes Treat Peyronie(Like our Enzymex+ Enzyme & Fibrinolve™ Formulas) support the dissolving and eradication of scar tissue masses over time.

Fibrinolve’s key ingredients have been used in the medical world for patients with fibrous masses (Scar tissue or ‘plaque’ as it is referred to by Urologists), arterial fibrin build ups, inflammations and for repairing and reconnecting scar tissue damage. Clinical studies prove reduction in these fibrous masses, healthy new collagen development, wound and scar tissue repair from regular usage of these type of enzymes.


 Diagram Of The Repair Process

 peyronie's treatment


•What Causes The Curvature?

Because of the ‘plaque’ area or more commonly known as scar tissue, the blood cells are restricted in the penis. Thus, the penis cannot properly expand during an erection. This lack of expansion causes pressure on this area around the scar tissue and forces the penis to bend in order to accommodate this pressure point. This scar tissue more often than not, dissipate on its own and requires treatment or surgical removal in order to correct this problem. Erections can actually create more pain, inflammation and more scarring over time. Making matters, even more worse.


•To Effectively Correct Curvature, The Skin Tissue

Plaque Must Be Completely Gone

In order to effectively support the correction of Peyronie’s disease curvature, the key is to get to the root of the cause. The scar tissue build up, or more commonly referred to as Peyronie’s ‘plaque’ in the medical world.

Peyronies Disease Plaque, Peyronies Scar Tissue

In order to support the correction of the curvature, the Peyronie’s Disease scar tissue must be softened and fully dissolved.This damaged tissue must then become restored and reconnected.

Once this takes place, the penis can once again properly expand and contract as needed. The blood cells can now expand and there is no pressure areas causing pain and curvature.
Many medical solutions recommended by Urologists, specialist or licensed health care practitioners, do not get to this root cause. Therefore, never fully correcting and restoring the penis back to its natural pre-peyronie’s condition.



•Effective Doctor Visit Free Solution

At Advanced Health Solutions™, have developed a proven complete Peyronie’s Health Package. Our products are inspired and derived from rigorous clinical testing and detailed formulation. These products are designed to support the dissolving of the scar tissue explained above, correctly straighten curvature and reconnect damaged scar tissues. This regimen can also relieve you from pain and pressure you may be experiencing rather quickly (1-2 weeks of usage).


•Learn About Fibrinolve, Alignol,

Enzymex+ & Cholecal-10


Fibrinolve PD PeyroniesFibrinolve our newly released formula is the most advanced enzyme complex for peyronies currently on the market. Boasting a total of over 18+ powerful peyronies plaque destroying ingredients! You won’t find another more unique fibrous scar tissue dissolving, curvature correcting support product like this anywhere.

18+ Enzymes Ranging in mg’s

Alignol PeyroniesAlignol is an advanced proprietary concentration Of Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI Hydrochloride & other key ingredients. This unique formula has been proven highly effective in clinical studies for Peyronie’s Disease. Clinical studies involving 48-men all with Peyronie’s Disease both acute (severe) and non-severe. All showed major improvements in both plaque (scar tissue) and curvature.

1,000 mg

EnzymexEnzymex+ is a powerful systemic, fibrinolytic & proteolytic concentrated proprietary enzyme formulation. These highly potent enzymes cleanse out the blood, cardiovascular system and organs of toxins and unwanted matter. These enzymes effectively lower C-Reactive protein levels in the body (inflammation levels). They also are ‘fibrinolytics’, meaning they naturally dissolve ‘fibrin’ or otherwise known as scar tissue. This advanced enzyme complex also contains study proven powerful antioxidants and other essential ingredients for supporting Peyronies Health.

                                 750 mg

Cholecal PeyroniesCholecal-10 is a unique concentrated form of Cholecalciferol D10 in a high 10,000 IU liquid gel encapsulation formula. This potent Vitamin D is essential for boosting the immune system for assisting in the repair process and helping with scar tissue repair. New laboratory studies point directly to this form of Vitamin D for many successful health tests, and causes of inflammatory issues for having a lack of.

250 mcg | 10,000 IU

Note: Products contain other unique and proprietary formulations.

(Meaning the formulas & additional ingredients we

use to create these formulas are a trade secret)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:How fast will these products work?

Answer: This is sometimes difficult to know for certain, as each person’s situation is different. Results and timesPeyronie's Disese Treatment do vary from person to person. However, we currently boast a high success rate with our current, and past  consumers of our health products. These results include those men who have used our complete peyronie’s package’s in the past, and are now successfully curvature free.

We also often send out surveys to our current consumers that have been taking the products as outlined, to see how things are going for them. A very high percentage of these men report exciting and great new improvements, but just at different time periods. Many of these men stated they started seeing improvements in as little as 30-days, while others seemed to take 2-3 months (likely had more severe curvature). If you are looking for a ‘quick fix’, these products may not be for you. They sometimes can take some time and commitment to achieve the ideal desired results.

Q: Will these products react badly

with my other medications?

Answer: If you have, or are currently taking natural health supplements and vitamins  with no problems found at your local drug store, then you should be OK. We do recommend first consulting with a licensed medical practitioner to be on the safe side if deemed necessary.

One precaution we warn about, is taking our Enzymex+ enzyme product along with a blood thinning medication. This is not recommended, and we recommend a licensed medical doctor to first give you clearance. If this not an option, we also offer a package that does not contain our Enzymex+. This may be more suitable for you in this situation.

Q: What is your low price and 110%

potency/purity guarantee about?

Answer: We guarantee 110% that you will not find these exact peyronie’s health products anywhere else at aHow To Cure Peyronies lower price. If you do, we will match it and minus an additional 10% off for an entire 365-days!

We also guarantee that our products are 100% potent and of the most purest ingredients possible, exactly as labeled, or your full money back. Only the most highest grade ingredients make it past our stringent inspection process, before being encapsulated. 

Q: Where are these products made?

curved penis treatmentAnswer: All of our products are manufactured here in the USA in our multi-million dollar contracted facilities. These facilities are regularly inspected and held to the highest possible standards by the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA). All our of facilities are currently FDA inspected and approved.

These same facilities are ‘GMP’ certified. This means ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ certified. This ensures consumers that our products are pharmaceutical grade and that we use nothing but the most purest, potent and concentrated ingredients in every single bottle that we produce and deliver to you, our customer.


bent penis

Peyronie's Cure

It is highly recommended to order the complete Peyronie’s Health package
containing the four products listed above for the best results. Remember to fill your large daily pill container (included on complete package orders), so that you do not miss dosages.

Your package will contain tips and directions on how to have to best success with using your curvature correcting health package. It is important to follow these recommended instructions for best results.


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